When we talk about MedTech Translations, we are not talking just about a translation company. We talk about professionalism and quality at very reasonable prices.

As the owner of this agency, I really know this industry as I have been working more than 20 years as a freelance medical translator and editor for the main leaders of the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Because of this competitive market, I just decided to open my own agency to work with the best professionals of the field, many of them I know personally because we collaborated in numerous projects, and to find new clients. I look for clients that look for quality and professional translations, not for cheap translations or machine translations.


Clear and precise communication is essential in all science and engineering disciplines. Especially innovation in the health branches. From documentation of clinical trials, professional and patient information brochures to specific documents from congress and exhibition manuals, as well as technical laboratory materials, Medical Thecnical Translations provides translation solutions for every purpose and discipline.
Our clients request specialized knowledge at international level to meet the demands of their requirements related to science and especially in the healthcare world, medicine, pharmacology, clinical laboratories. For this reason we are specialized in a fast, professional and serious translation of these manuals, brochures or research by customizing them to each client.



We do translations for various markets, US Spanish is not the same. UU. that of Spain or South America, that is why we ensure that the translation is adequately adapted for the audience for which it is directed.



We cannot ignore the current trend. Therefore, we also work to make the translation created by machines of excellent quality, as if it had been done by a professional translator. Sometimes, it is not a simple job, but we always get it.


I am a translator dedicated to the world of the medical-scientific translations since 1999. Throughout all these years I have seen how the industry has changed. Apart from being a translator, I am a biochemist and molecular biologist, so I have the experience and the necessary knowledge to offer high quality services. All my team are professionals (doctors, chemists, biologists) willing to use our knowledge to "offer" translations and editions of excellent quality.